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Missing Apps

Whether it’s an iPhone or Android both have preloaded Apps. For android apps for apps 

For iPhones App Store, Web Safari are the Apps for Apps. 

For any problem regarding iPhone,  iPhone support

As all iPhone users, this app will help the user to recover the lost Apps on iPhone. 

  • How to get Apps back- If App Store, Safari or others Apps are missing from iPhone, it’s possible to get them back. It requires some simple steps to be followed. First make sour That thesis Apps are really missing, first find different gold em oa different screen folders, this can be done by built-in  Spotlight search  tool. If they are missing, check that content restriction is enabled in the settings. 

      Turning off the content restriction requires some simple steps to be followed. Go to Settings and tap on General and click on restrictions. 

      It will ask for a passcode, enter the passcode and slide the slide in front of the Apps you want to use. 

      If you want to use all the Apps, disable the content restriction. This will enable all the Apps. 

  • Deleted Apps- If a user has deleted the Apps by mistake, it is possible to get them back. If a user wants the deleted apps back, he should restore the iPhone to factory settings.  

  • Purchased Apps on iPhone- To redownload the purchased Apps, a user should follow some simple steps. 

     Tap on the App Store and click on the icon. 

     If a User has enabled the  family sharing  click on my purchase. If not enabled, skip this step. 

     Apps You have not yet installed a phone. 

      Scroll down the list and tap on the App. Agree on the terms and conditions, downloading will start. 

  • Redownload iOS App- Deleting the built in Apps in the only way. The process of downloading the iOS Apps is similar to other Apps. 

          Mac support, click on 

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