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Tips for speeding up Outlook

Outlook is one of the best Email service providers in the world. It is also personal information management software. It is developed by Microsoft. Almost all the professional around the world use Outlook for sending Emails throughout the world. It offers huge space of 1TB for storing the data online. Outlook has a huge count of users and it is further increasing at a rapid rate.

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This article will summarize some important points to increase the working speed of Outlook.

Update the windows- The first basic steps for speeding up the Outlook is updating the windows. Along with the windows update user also gets office update. Outlook works best with the updated windows. To speed up the Outlook, update your windows.

Repair .PST file- PST stands for personal storage file. It stores the copy of contacts, files, images and of other files. Repairing a.PST file starts the scanning of the files stored in the Outlook. If the scanning founds error, clean it. Before starting a repairing process, make sure that you have a backup of the affected files. Backup is important for avoiding the loss of data.

Download the complete items- Connecting an Outlook with POP3 will provide a user with the Outlook setup for downloading the complete message. Doing this, Outlook will not sync with the server every time you use new item. This greatly affects the speed of the Outlook.

Reduce sharing the items- In Outlook a user can share the data and calendar with other users. Sharing the items to great extent directly affects the speed of the Outlook. To speed the Outlook, reduce sharing the items with other users.

Disable RSS- RSS stands for really simple syndication. It is one of the best ways to remain update with websites, blogs, articles, etc. Subscribing to RSS feeds in Outlook will directly deliver the posts, article, and blogs from the feed you subscribe directly to the Outlook account. Increased count of RSS feed in Outlook greatly affects the speed of Outlook. Disable the RSS to increase the speed of Outlook.

Archive the inbox- There are many users who have thousands of emails in their inbox. A large number of emails also affects the speed of Outlook. To delete the unwanted emails, achieve the inbox. Achieving the inbox will delete the unwanted Emails. Set the limit date while achieving the inbox. Mails extending the achieved data will delete the emails automatically. This is one of the best methods to increase the speed of Outlook.

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