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Troubleshooting Lenovo laptop keyboard problems

A keyboard is a part of the laptop that can get easily damaged. There might be several reasons for keyboard damage. Lenovo laptop manufacturers provide an online guide for replacing the keyboard. For this type of keyboard in the search box at the  Lenovo Customer Support Number


If this does not work out, follow the given points or replace the keyboard with a new keyboard.

Restart the laptop Restarting the laptop can solve the many problems that a user encounters. If the whole keyboard is not working properly, it might be a software / driver problem and restarting the laptop might solve this problem. Turn OFF the laptop from start menu or press and hold the power button for five to ten seconds.

· Clear the debris – Sometimes it happens that some keys are working properly. The reason behind this may be some debris obstructing the keys. To overcome this problem, simply remove the laptop from the keyboard. After removing the debris, check the keys of the laptop.

If you do not work out, go to next step.

· Restore the windows- Sometimes it happens that after installing some new application or after some new changes in settings, the keyboard stops working. To overcome this problem, simply restore the windows to previous settings. To restore the windows, click on the control panel. Select system and security from the list and click on your computer. After directing on a next page, click on recover system setting on your computer. Follow the instruction to restore the PC. If the problem still exists, go to next step.

·          Keyboard driver – For fixing the keyboard problems, check the keyboard driver. It might be possible that some people have corrupted it. A user can easily check the keyboard driver by accessing the device manager. A user can find a device manager in a control panel under a system and security option. After reaching the device manager click on the keyboard. If there is an exclamation with a yellow triangle in front of it, it means the problem exists. To overcome this, visit the latest driver to install.

· Repair- If the above solution does not work out, take the laptop to the repair shop. It might be possible that some wire has been disconnected from its position. Pay charge to the repairing shop.

· Alternative option – If a user has to type something urgently, the option is available. To get started on the menu, click on the menu. In accessories option, choose easy access and choose from the list

If the problem does not get solved, click on  Lenovo customer support

For any help regarding Lenovo products, click on the URL

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